9th Hellenic National Conference of Steel Structures:

The conference was held at Larisa, from the 5th to the 7th of October 2017.

Invited speakers

  1. Castiglioni C A. The "SEISRACKS2" EU-RFCS Research Project "Seismic Behaviour Of Steel Storage Pallet Racking Systems" (pdf)
  2. Landolfo R. The EQUALJOINTS project: European Pre-qualification of Steel Joints (pdf)
  3. Lignos D, Elkady A, Suzuki Y. Steel Columns under Multi-Axis Cyclic Loading: Experiments, Models and Design Recommendations (pdf)


  1. Anastasopoulos A, Kourousis D, Tsopelas N, Bollas K. The State of the Art in Structural Health Monitoring of Steel Structures (pdf)
  2. Anastasiou E, Stankovic D, Chatziioannou C, Koukouselis A, KatsardI V, Mistakidis E. Dynamic Interaction of a Compliant Tower in Deep Waters Considering the Nonlinear Wave-Soil-Structure Interaction (pdf)
  3. Andrianis E, Andrianis G. Rehabilitation Study with Modern Methods of a Steel Jetty after 35 Years of Operation (pdf)
  4. Angelides M, Gantes C, Kalochairetis K. Buckling of Large Diameter Industrial Chimneys (pdf)
  5. Antoniou K, Sarvanis G, Papatheocharis T, Karamanos S, Perdikaris P, Makris A. Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Structural Performance of Polyurethane Sandwich Panels (pdf)
  6. Argyridi A, Sapountzakis E. Generalized Warping in Pre- and Post-Buckling Analysis of Composite Beams (pdf)
  7. Avgerinou S, Lignos X, Spiliopoulos A, Thanopoulos P, Vayas I. Full Scale Tests on Steel Moment-Resistant-Frames under Cyclic Loading (pdf)
  8. Bakalbasis D, Stefanopoulos K, Tsoronis P, Palamas I. Cross Platform Mobile Application Development for the Analysis, Design and Optimization of Steel Trusses (pdf)
  9. Bakalis K, Vamvatsikos D, Pyrza S. Q-Factor Verification of a 3-Storey Concentrically Braced Frame via the INNOSEIS Risk-Based Approach (pdf)
  10. Bakoulis G, Karantzalis A, Lekatou A, Poulia A, Sfikas A, Lentzaris K. ?l - (Al9Co2, Al13Co4) Powder Metallurgy Processed Composite Materials: Analysis of Microstructure, Sliding Wear and Aqueous Corrosion (pdf)
  11. Balaoura E, Gantes C. Investigation of the Effectiveness of Capacity Design Guidelines in Multi-Storey Steel Buildings with Concentrically Braced Frames (pdf)
  12. Bilis T, Magnisali M, Panagouli O, Mistakidis E, Kouimtzoglou T. Steel Canopy in the Archeaological Site of Kalapodi (pdf)
  13. Bilis T, Magnisali M, Panagouli O, Mistakidis E, Tokmakidis P, Theodorou A, Kouimtzoglou T. Steel Canopy of the Gymnasium Stoas at Ancient Messene (pdf)
  14. Bozkurt M, Özkiliç Y, Topkaya C. Effects of Different Core Plate Properties on Global Response of BRBFs (pdf)
  15. Bozkurt M, Özkiliç Y, Topkaya C. Determination of Displacement Amplification Factors for Chevron BRBFs (pdf)
  16. Caradimas C. Steel Framework Structures at the School of Architecture NTUA (pdf)
  17. Chatziioannou K, Sadowski A, Rotter J M. An Investigation of Out-of-Roundness in Partially Constructed Silos and Tanks (pdf)
  18. Chatzinikolis V, Vitsios I. Temporary Modification of the Structural System of Existing Bridge in London (pdf)
  19. Dimopoulos C, Freddi F, Karavasilis T, Vasdravellis G. 3D Numerical Assessment of the Progressive Collapse Resistance of a Seismic-Resistant Steel Building with Post-tensioned Beam-Column Connections (pdf)
  20. Efstratiadis D. "Stelios Ioannou" Learning Resource Center Dome Main Structure (pdf)
  21. Efthymiou I, Marinopoulou A, Petridis S, Saouridis C. Application of the AISC and UBC Aseismic Codes in the Study of an Electicity Power Station in a High Seismic Risk Region (pdf)
  22. Eleftherios T, Lykourgos K. Assessment and Retrofitting of an Existing Industrial Plant (pdf)
  23. Elmatzoglou M, Avdelas A. Finite Element Model Investigation of the Behaviour of Double-Steel Plate Composite Shear Walls (pdf)
  24. Fasoulakis Z, Raftoyiannis I, Avraam T. Investigation on Structural Assessment and Strengthening of Energy Transmission Steel Lattice Towers (pdf)
  25. Feidaki E, Vasdravellis G. Novel Steel Yielding Shear Connector for Demountable Precast Composite Floors (pdf)
  26. Flogeras A, Papagiannopoulos G, Pnevmatikos N. On the Seismic Response of Steel Buckling-Restrained Braced Structures Including Soil-Structure Interaction (pdf)
  27. Freddi F, Dimopoulos C, Karavasilis T. Rocking Damage-Free Steel Column Base with Friction Devices (pdf)
  28. Giannopoulos A, Le Quéré C, Gerner J P. The Citadelle Bridge in Strasbourg: A Balancing Exercise (pdf)
  29. Gkantou M, Theofanous M, Baniotopoulos C. On the Response and Design of High Strength Steel Structures Employing Square and Rectangular Hot-Finished Hollow Sections (pdf)
  30. Goula C, Malkotsi C, Zografopoulou K, Pantousa D. Numerical Simulation of Pool Hydrocarbon Fires and their Effect on Adjacent Tanks (pdf)
  31. Goutzika E, Mavrakis G, Mavrakis I. Detailed Design of the Railway Bridge SG26 (pdf)
  32. Goutzika E, Mavrakis G, Mavrakis I. Three Span Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge Donation of Brothers Kousios (pdf)
  33. Ioannides S, Stylianou P, Farinola A. Multistorey Headquarters Building of Wargaming LTD (pdf)
  34. Kalapodis N, Papagiannopoulos G, Beskos D. Modal Strength Reduction Factors for the Seismic Design of Eccentrically Braced Steel Frames (pdf)
  35. Karlos V, Solomos G, Larcher M. Validity of Blast Parameters in the Near-Field (pdf)
  36. Karvelis A, Melissianos V, Gantes C. Local Buckling Investigation of Buried Steel Pipelines due to Seismic Fault Activation (pdf)
  37. Katsaras C, Panagiotakos T. Retrofit of Existing Kamares Bridge of Korinthos-Patras Motorway (pdf)
  38. Kazantzi A, Vamvatsikos D. Vibration Control of an Industrial Composite Slab Subjected to Impact Loads and Improvement of the Overall Building Seismic Performance Using Toggle-Brace Dampers (pdf)
  39. Kazantzis P, Petridis S, Palamas I. A Full Transient Non Linear Seismic Analysis of a Composite Bridge According to EUROCODE 8 (pdf)
  40. Kefaki A-M, Pantousa D, Tzaros K. Nonlinear Thermal Buckling Response of Fixed-Roof Tanks under Non-Uniform Heating (pdf)
  41. Kiriakopoulos P, Peltonen S, Vayas I, Spyrakos C, Dasiou M-E. Ductile Behavior of Shallow Floor Composite Beams (pdf)
  42. Konstandakopoulou F, Hatzigeorgiou G. Steel Water and Wastewater Tanks Subjected to Multiple Earthquakes (pdf)
  43. Kontolati K, Koukouselis A, Panagouli O. Numerical Investigation of Weak Axis I Profile Connections (pdf)
  44. Korlou S, Thanasoulas I, Moupagitsoglou K, Gantes C. Investigation of Shear Buckling of Laminated Glass Panes (pdf)
  45. Koukouselis A, Pantousa D, Mistakidis E. Evaluation of the Fire Resistance Calculation Methodologies for Steel Framed Structures According to Eurocodes (pdf)
  46. Koulatsou K, Aggelopoulos J, Kalivas S, Georgiou O, Louka A, Likomitros V, Gkologiannis C, Gantes C. Support Steel Structure of the Cladding and the Dome of the "Oval Tower" Building at Limassol of Cyprus (pdf)
  47. Koulatsou K, Kosmidou E, Lignos X, Gantes C. Experimental Investigation of the Behavior of Bolted Connection under Static Load (pdf)
  48. Leontaris K, Roussos N, Villi M, Gantes C. Design of Steel Bracing for the Temporary Support of Deep Excavations through Nonlinear Numerical Analysis (pdf)
  49. Livanou M, Katsidoniotaki M, Gantes C, Avraam T. Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Flexural Buckling of Members in Double-Pitched Plane Steel Frames (pdf)
  50. Lock J, Nteri A, Sidiras N. BIM: Challenge for Team Working Based on Human's Natures Prototypes (pdf)
  51. Loukatos N, Kritikos I. Design for the Construction of Six Footbridges in the Main Axes of Athens Town (pdf)
  52. Loulelis D, Papagiannopoulos G, Beskos D. Modal Damping Ratios for Seismic Design of Steel Buckling Restrained Braced Frames (pdf)
  53. Maniadis E. Reinforcing Beam - Column Element using Steel Caging Method (pdf)
  54. Maraveas C, Fasoulakis Z. Strengthening and Restoration of "Dimitrios Vikelas" Athletic Center - B Building in Hermoupolis, Syros (pdf)
  55. Maraveas C, Gernay T, Franssen J-M. Thin-Walled Steel Members at Elevated Temperatures Considering Local Imperfections: Numerical Simulation of Isolated Plates (pdf)
  56. Mistakidis E, Koukouselis A, Panagouli O, Naskos N, Vastarouchas P, Evaggelopoulou E. Reconstruction of the Structural System of an Old Existing Building with Steel Members (pdf)
  57. Mpardopoulos F, Papagiannopoulos G, Hatzigeorgiou G. Design of Photovoltaic Panel Arrays from Aluminum (pdf)
  58. Nicolaou A, Tsavdaridis K D, Efthymiou E. Topology Optimisation Study For The Design Of Lattice Towers (pdf)
  59. Nikolaidis T, Dinas A, Baniotopoulos C. Analysis of Sustainable Restoration Design Criteria of an Existing Steel Railway Bridge (pdf)
  60. Nikolaidis T, Dinas A, Baniotopoulos C. A Sustainable Design Strategy for the Restoration of Historical Buildings (pdf)
  61. Nikolaidis T, Karadimos E, Baniotopoulos C. Optimal Evaluation of Small Wind Turbines Configuration Applying Criteria Related to the Site of Application (pdf)
  62. Nikolaidis T, Katsanevaki M-A, Baniotopoulos C. Design Analysis, Functional Configuration and Optimization of a Long-Span Steel Canopy Structure (pdf)
  63. Nikolaidis T, Skarmoutsos G, Baniotopoulos C. Optimization of the Structural Response of Large Span Structures by the MBN Optimal Control System (pdf)
  64. Ntaliakouras I, Pnevmatikos N. Seismic Fragility Curves for Industrial Steel Buildings (pdf)
  65. Özel H, Saritas A. A 2D Frame Element Taking into Account Semi-Rigidity at Column Bases, Brace Ends & Beam to Column Connections in Steel Structure (pdf)
  66. Papatheocharis T, Chatzopoulou G, Karamanos S, Perdikaris P. Structural Behavior of Steel Seismic Links under Strong Cyclic Loading (pdf)
  67. Papavasileiou G. Progressive Collapse Assessment of Steel Structures Under Fire (pdf)
  68. Papavasileiou V, Raftoyiannis I. Comparison of Experimental Results of Large Scale Fatigue Tests with Analysis with FE-Model (pdf)
  69. Pnevmatikos N, Didaggelos M, Ntaliakouras I. Retrofit of Three Story Masonry Building with Steel Brace Elements (pdf)
  70. Serras D, Skalomenos K, Hatzigeorgiou G, Beskos D. Nonlinear Model for Circular Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes under Monotonic Loading (pdf)
  71. Shaheen M, Tsavdaridis K, Yamada S. FE Analyses of RWS Composite Connections under Cyclic Loading (pdf)
  72. Sofianos C, Koumousis V. Dynamic Analysis of Steel Structures Using the Material Point Method (pdf)
  73. Sophianopoulos D, Kandalaft J-S. Thermal Buckling of Continuouosly Welded Railway Tracks (pdf)
  74. Spiliopoulos A, Dasiou M-E, Avgerinou S. Support Steel Structure of the External Marble Cladding of the New Office of Aggemar SA in Athens (pdf)
  75. Spiliopoulos A, Dasiou M-E, Lignos X, Vayas I. Experimental Investigations of Members from Hot Rolled Angle Sections (pdf)
  76. Suwaed A, Karavasilis T. Experimental Evaluation of a Novel Demountable Shear Connector for Accelerated Repair or Replacement of Precast Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges (pdf)
  77. Szalai J. Global Analysis Based Stability Design of Steel Structures (pdf)
  78. Thanasoulas I, Vardakoulias I, Kolaitis D, Gantes C, Founti M. Nonlinear Numerical Simulation of Fire-Resistance Tests for Load-Bearing Cold-Formed-Steel Drywall Systems (pdf)
  79. Theotokoglou E, Balokas G, Savvaki E. Linear and Non Linear Buckling Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade with Investigation of Different Fiber Reinforced Polymers (pdf)
  80. Tsolakis E, Tsigaridas F, Ksenos A, Vogiatzi R. Football Court Grandstand Canopy (pdf)
  81. Tsopelas N, Fousianis P, Ladis I, Anastasopoulos A. Detection of Surface Breaking Discontinuities on Steel Structures above Non-Conductive Coating (pdf)
  82. Tzourmakliotou D, Petrovic S. Design for Deconstruction Application to a Hotel Unit (pdf)
  83. Vadaloukas G, Vadaloukas K. Regulations for the Assessment of the Existing Load-Bearing Systems (pdf)
  84. Vamvatsikos D, Bakalis K, Vayas I, Castiglioni C, Kanyilmaz A, Morelli F, Stratan A, D’ Aniello M, Calado L, Proenca J M, Degee H, Hoffmeister B, Pinkawa M. The INNOSEIS Approach on Determining EN1998-Compatible Behavior Factors for Introducing New Steel Lateral Load Resisting Systems (pdf)
  85. Vernardos S, Badogiannis E, Lignos X, Gantes C. Experimental Investigation on Bending Behavior of "Sandwich" Section Shells for Wind Turbine Towers (pdf)
  86. Wald F, Kurejková M, Kabelác J, Hatzopoulos C. An Advanced Model of Bolts in Structural Steel Connections (pdf)
  87. Zeybek Ö, Topkaya C, Rotter J. Analysis of Ring Beams for Discretely Supported Cylindrical Silos (pdf)
  88. Zeybek O, Topkaya C, Rotter J. Design of Intermediate Ring Stiffeners for Column-Supported Cylindrical Steel Shells (pdf)
  89. Zografopoulou K, Mistakidis E. Numerical Study of the Thermal Behaviour of Steel Members with Damaged SFRM Coatings (pdf)
  90. Λουκόπουλος Δ. Στέγαστρο Προστασίας Αρχαιοτήτων Λυκείου Αριστοτέλη στην Οδό Ρηγίλλης (pdf)



Ημερίδα με θέμα «η διδασκαλία και η έρευνα των μεταλλικών κατασκευών στις Πολυτεχνικές Σχολές» στις 11 Δεκ.
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