7th Hellenic National Conference of Steel Structures:

The conference was held at Volos, from the 29th of September to the 1st of October 2011.

  1. Adamakos T, Vayas I, Iliopoulos A. Analysis of Composite Bridges using Three Dimensional Models of Bar Elements (pdf)
  2. Alexi VD, Κalfas CN, Pachoumis DT, Sofias CE. Investigation of the Web Plate’s Influence at the Behavior of Extended End Plate Moment Connection (pdf)
  3. Angelides M, Papanikas G. Seismic Reinforcement of Α School Building through an External Steel Structure (pdf)
  4. Angelides M, Skokou A, Sarantopoulos V. Multi-storey Parking Structure (pdf)
  5. Angelides M. Steel Chimney 80 m High (pdf)
  6. Antoniou N, Nikolaidis T, Michalopoulos A, Baniotopoulos C. Displacement Control of Large MBSN Steel Beams by Means of Cables: Application to an Open Roof Structure (pdf)
  7. Apostolopoulos AC, Rodopoulos CA. The Use of Ultrasonic Impact Treatment in the Improvement of Fatigue Strength on Steel Welded Joints (pdf)
  8. Arangio S, Crosti C, Zampetti M. Design of Aluminium Structures for the Entertainment Industry and Analysis of their Behavior in Fire Conditions (pdf)
  9. Avarmidis I, Mistakidis E, Morfidis K. Seismic Strengthening of the Building of the Rural and Surveying Engineering Department of A.U.TH. through External Steel Structure (pdf)
  10. Avdelas A, Vazouras K. Study on Sandwich Steel Reinforced Masonry (pdf)
  11. Avraam T, Fasoulakis Z, Ermopoulos J. Buckling Analysis of Portal Frames with Columns of Varying Cross-Sections (pdf)
  12. Avraam T, Ioannides G. Buckling of Bars which Split in Compressive And Tensile Parts (pdf)
  13. Barlas E, Georgiadi-Stefanidi K, Mistakidis E, Stylianidis K. Application of Dissipative Steel Links for the Seismic Strengthening of Existing Structures with Soft Storey (pdf)
  14. Beg D, Sinur F. Interaction Model for Longitudinally Stiffened Girders under Bending Shear Load (pdf)
  15. Crosti C. Safety Evaluation of Steel Bridges by Means of Affordable Modeling of Connections (pdf)
  16. Dan D. Experimental Evaluation of q Factor (pdf)
  17. Dasiou ME, Vayas I, Lignos X. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Sandwich Panels (pdf)
  18. Detorakis MS, Κalfas CN, Pachoumis DT, Marinopoulou AA. FEM Analysis of Blind Bolted Connection between Hollow Sections Sujected to In-πlane Bending Moment – Experimental Study (pdf)
  19. Dimitroudi E, Christidis A, Hatzigeorgiou GD, Beskos DE. Evaluation of Maximum Seismic Displacements of Steel Frames from Their Residual Deformation (pdf)
  20. Dimopoulos C, Gantes C. Comparison of Cutout Stiffening Schemes in Cylindrical Shells under Bending (pdf)
  21. Dontas D, Henkel F-O, Karapitta L, Karydis P, Mouzakis H, Triantafyllou A, Founti M. Seismic Performance of a Steel - Framed Structure with Dry Wall Systems (pdf)
  22. Dova E, Sophianopoulos D, Katsoulas N, Kittas C. Additional Design Requirements of Steel Commercial Greenhouses in High Seismic Hazard EU Countries (pdf)
  23. Fragiadakis M, Vamvatsikos D. Qualitative Comparison of Static Pushover Versus Incremental Dynamic Analysis Capacity Curves (pdf)
  24. Gamanis G. An Improved Connector for Space Frames (pdf)
  25. Gantes CJ, Kalochairetis KE. Nonlinear Analysis of Imperfect Timoshenko Members under Lateral Loading and its Application to Laced Built-Up Columns (pdf)
  26. Gantes CJ, Koulatsou K. Optimum Locations, Cross-Sections and Prestressing Forces of Cables of Suspended Roof Covering Aristotle’s Lyceum (pdf)
  27. Gerasimidis S, Bisbos C, Baniotopoulos C. Disproportionate Collapse Analysis of Steel Buildings - A Plastic Limit Approach on Robustness (pdf)
  28. Gkagka EE, Kalochairetis KE, Gantes CJ. Comparison between Alternative Structural Systems for Cable-Supported Bridges (pdf)
  29. Gkologiannis CP, Gantes CJ, Athanasiadis A, Majowiecki M, Zoulas F, Schmidt H. Structural System of the Steel Roof of the New Football Stadium of Panathinaikos F.C. in Votanikos, Greece (pdf)
  30. Gkoumas K, Giuliani L, Petrini F, Gentili F.Fire Safety Assesment of Tunnel Structures (pdf)
  31. Hadjioannou M, Douthe C, Gantes CJ. Elastoplastic Behavior Of Cold Bent Wide Flange Sections (pdf)
  32. Hatzigeorgiou G, Liolios A. Strength of Composite Columns under Eccentric Loading (pdf)
  33. Hatzinikolis I, Papageorgiou M, Avloniti K, Rizou V, Vayas I, Theodorakis S. Pre-Seismic Assessment of Buildings Carrying Telecommunications Masts (pdf)
  34. Hortomaris V. Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis of Ten-Storey Composite Frame (pdf)
  35. Iliopoulos A, Christia M. Covering of A 21.3 m Column Free Span With Encased in Concrete Steel Beams (Deltabeams) (pdf)
  36. Iliopoulos I, Nikolaou E, Vayas I. Capacity Diagrams for Steel - Concrete Composite Shear Walls (pdf)
  37. Ioannidis K. The Progress of Steel Structures in the Frame of Sustainable Development (pdf)
  38. Jaspart JP, Demonceau JF, Comeliau L. Robustness of Steel and Composite Building Structures (pdf)
  39. Kakavos ND, Delicha AP, Liakatis EA. The Glass as Construction Materials (pdf)
  40. Kamaris G, Hatzigeorgiou G, Beskos D. A New Damage Index for Seismic Performance pf Steel Frames (pdf)
  41. Karamanos A. The Importance of Detail in the Architectural Design of Steel Structures (pdf)
  42. Karavasilis TK, Kerawala S, Kamaris G. Model for Steel Energy Dissipation Devices and Evaluation of a Damage-Free Seismic Design Strategy (pdf)
  43. Karlos V, Lignos X, Vayas I. Investigation of the Behaviour of Steel Bases for Automated Teller Machines (pdf)
  44. Karlos V, Spiliopoulos A, Vayas I. Crack Initiation Prediction of Welded Joints under Seismic Loading (pdf)
  45. Kaziolas DN, Abdalla K, Badarneh MA, Baniotopoulos CK. Experimental and Numerical Study of the Behavior of Bolted Connections between Beams and Columns (pdf)
  46. Kekis H, Konstantopoulos SG, Κουrουmli-Arend O, Konstantinidis D. Construction of a Continuous Composite Bridge of Egnatia Odos Motorway (pdf)
  47. Kitsaki L, Xeini S. Reuse of the "Roasting" Building at the L.T.C.P. (pdf)
  48. Konstantakopoulos TG, Raftoyiannis IG, Michaltsos GT. Elastic Stability of Steel Tapered Beams (pdf)
  49. Kuhlmann IU, Maier P, Raichle J, Euler M, Hubmann M. New Developments of Steel and Composite Bridges (pdf)
  50. Lavassas I, Nikolaidis G, Zervas P, Baniotopoulos CC. Design of Large Scale Wind Turbine Towers in Seismic Areas (pdf)
  51. Lazaridou EK, Ermopoulos JC. Stability of Frames with Members of Tapered Cross Sections Part 1 (pdf)
  52. Lemonis M, Gantes CJ. Calibration of an Analytical Model for the Cyclic Response of Beam-to-Column Joints (pdf)
  53. Lemonis M, Mistakidis E. Dissipation Capacity of Moment-Resisting Steel Frames with Partial Strength Joints (pdf)
  54. Lignos DG, Hikino T, Matsuoka Y, Nakashima M. Collapse Mitigation Strategies for Steel Moment Resisting Frames Through E-Defense Full Scale Shaking Table Collapse Tests (pdf)
  55. Lignos DG, Moreno-Luna DM, Billington SL. Large Scale Hybrid Simulation Tests of Existing Steel Frame Structures Retrofitted with Infill Panels (pdf)
  56. Lignos DG, Okazaki T, Hikino T, Kajiwara K, Nakashima M. Numerical Modeling of Post-Buckling Behavior and Fracture of Steel Concentrically Braced Frames (pdf)
  57. Loulelis D, Danessis C, Koulis P, Thanasoulias A, Hatzigeorgiou G, Beskos D. The Influence of Multiple Earthquakes on Steel Structures (pdf)
  58. Manola MMS, Koumousis VK. Plastic Hinge Formation in Frames Under Combined Stresses and Hardening Based on Mathematical Programming (pdf)
  59. Maraveas C, Miamis K. Proposed Composite Structure for the Administrator’s Square in Thessaloniki (pdf)
  60. Maraveas C, Miamis K.Adequacy of Cylindrical Steel Tanks under the Effect of Seismic Action (pdf)
  61. Marinopoulou AA, Κalfas CN, Pachoumis DT. Experimental Testing of Composite Concrete-Filled Tubes and their Fictitious Purely Steel Counterparts (pdf)
  62. Matthaiou CE, Mavroidi E. Study of Steel-Concrete Composite Seven-Storey Parking Structure (pdf)
  63. Migiakis CE. The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (pdf)
  64. Minoglou M, Hatzigeorgiou G, Papagiannopoulos G. Minimum Cost Seismic Design of Steel Tanks (pdf)
  65. Mistakidis E, Mihailidis A, Tzaros K, Pantousa D, Malikoutsakis M. Design Assisted by Testing of Photovoltaic Steel Bases According to Eurocode 3 (pdf)
  66. Mokos VG, Sapountzakis EJ. 3–D Beam Element Including Torsional Warping and Shear Deformation Effects Due to Shear Forces and Secondary Torsional Moments - Applications to Steel Structures (pdf)
  67. Moschas F, Psimoulis P, Stiros S, Bazeos N, Karambalis DL. Non-destructive, Geodesy-based Method for Assessing the Dynamic Characteristics of a Steel Footbridge (pdf)
  68. Nanos N, Elenas A. Influence of Infill Walls Topology on the Seismic Response of Steel Structures (pdf)
  69. Pachoumis DT, Galoussis EG, Κalfas CN, Sofias CE. Experimental Analysis of Reduced Beam Section Moment Connections (RBS) Subjected to Cyclic Loading (pdf)
  70. Panagopoulou L, Xanthakis G. Use of Castellated Sections and Cold Formed Sections in a One Storey – Level Steel Structure (pdf)
  71. Pantousa D, Mistakidis E. Determination of the Rotational Capacity of Compact Steel Beams at Elevated Temperatures Considering Local and Global Geometric Imperfections (pdf)
  72. Pantousa D, Mistakidis E. Fire-after-Earthquake Analysis of Steel Frames (pdf)
  73. Papanikas G, Angelides M. Application of Different Seismic Analysis Methods on Steam Turbine Buildingsν (pdf)
  74. Papanikas G, Angelides M. Steel Structure for HRSG Building (pdf)
  75. Pournara AE, Karamanos SA. Strength and Stability of High-Strength Steel Tubular Beam-Columns (pdf)
  76. Providakis CP, Stefanaki KD. Detection of Bolt Load Loss in Metallic Bolted Joints Using a Time Reversal Imaging Technique (pdf)
  77. Raftoyiannis IG. Dynamic Behavior of Steel Frames with Bracing Systems and Viscous Damping (pdf)
  78. Ruck B, Gantes CJ, Gkologiannis CP, Koulatsou k. Wind Tunnel Tests for the Evaluation of Wind Pressures on the Steel Roof of The New Football Stadium of Panathinaikos F.C. in Votanikos, Greece (pdf)
  79. Sapountzakis EJ, Tsipiras VJ, Mokos VG. Secondary Twisting Moment Deformation Effect on the Analysis of Bars of Arbitrarily Shaped Cross Section (pdf)
  80. Sofias CE, Galoussis EG, Κalfas CN, Pachoumis DT. Cyclic Performance of Reduced Beam Section Bolted Moment Connections - Experimental Analysis and FΕΜ Simulation (pdf)
  81. Sophianopoulos D, Argyriou A, Papanikolaou C. Second Order Plastic Analysis and Design of a Steel Schwedler Dome by Means of Special Software (pdf)
  82. Sophianopoulos D, Asteris P. In-Plane Buckling of Shallow Circular Steel Arches via Catastrophe Theory (pdf)
  83. Spiliopoulos A, Dasiou ME, Ioannidis G. Numerical Investigation of Bolted Hollow Section Connections with Flange Plates (pdf)
  84. Spyridis P, Bergmeister K. Developments in Research on Connections between Steel and Concrete from the Institute of Structural Engineering, Boku, Vienna (pdf)
  85. Stamatopoulos GN. Dynamic Response of Wind Turbine Subjected to Near Fault Exitations (pdf)
  86. Stamos. Optimization of Joint Topology and Bars in Trusses (pdf)
  87. Stefanaki KD, Κalfas CN, Pachoumis DT, Efthimiou IZ. FEM Analysis of Composite Steel-Concrete Beam to Composite οr Bare Steel Column Joint (pdf)
  88. Stefanaki KD, Κalfas CN, Pachoumis DT, Marinopoulou ΑΑ. Nonlinear Analysis of Ten Story Composite Steel-Concrete Frame (pdf)
  89. Tatsis K, Palamas I. Analysis and Design of Sinusoidal Steel Beams according to European Regulations (pdf)
  90. Theofanous M, Koltsakis E. Numerical Investigation of IPE Beams Strengthened against Lateral-Torsiontal Buckling (pdf)
  91. Theofanous M, Preftitsi F, Charissis E, Thomopoulos K. The Effect of Loading Angle on the Capacity of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Fillet Welds (pdf)
  92. Theofanous Μ, Gardner L, The Influence of Element Interaction and Material Nonlinearity on the Ultimate Capacity of Stainess Steel Cross-Sections (pdf)
  93. Tsalikis C, Koltsakis E, Baniotopoulos C. A Study of Steel Column Behavior under Inhomogeneous Temperature Loads (pdf)
  94. Tsalkatidis T, Avdelas A. Timber Glulam Beams - Sandwich Reinforced Glulam Beams (pdf)
  95. Tsavdaridis KD, Giaralis A.Derivation of Dynamic Properties of Steel Asymetric Perforated Ultra Shallow Floor Beams (USFBtm) via Finite Element Modal Analysis and Experimental Verification (pdf)
  96. Tsikas P. Investigation of Steel Beam-Column Joint Rotation (pdf)
  97. Tzankov M, Georgiev T. Steel Structures of Arena "Sofia" (pdf)
  98. Tzaros K, Mistakidis E, Georgiadis C, Perdikaris P.Experimental and Numerical Investagation of The Buckling Behaviour of Cold Formed Steel Platforms with Initial Geometric Imperfections (pdf)
  99. Tzaros K, Mistakidis E. The Buckling Problem of Geometrically Imperfect Beams in the Presence of Unilateral Supports (pdf)
  100. Tzimas A, Bazeos N. Maximum Displacements Profiles of Space Steel MRF (pdf)
  101. Tzourmakliotou D, Chaidas A. The Application of the Sustainable Design Principles in the Design of a Steel Office Building (pdf)
  102. Tzourmakliotou D, Galoussis AA. Integrated Design Principles for the Re-Use of Steel Structures (pdf)
  103. Tzourmakliotou D, Nari M. Life Cycle Analysis of Steel Structures (pdf)
  104. Vamvatsikos D, Lignos DG. Evaluating the Epistemic Uncertainty of the Seismic Demand and Capacity for a 9-Story Steel Moment-Resisting Frame (pdf)
  105. Varelis GE, Papatheocharis CP, Perdikaris PC, Karamanos SA. Behavior of High-Strength Steel Welded Tubular Connections under Low-Cycle Fatigue (pdf)
  106. Vasdravellis G, Karavasilis TL, Uy B. Experimental Validation of Self-Centering Steel Moment Connections with Web Hysteretic Elements (pdf)
  107. Vasdravellis G, Uy B, Tan EL, Kirkland B. Behaviour of Composite Beams Under Negative Bending and Axial Tension (pdf)
  108. Vasilikis D, Karamanos SA. Buckling Design of Confined Steel Cylinders under External Pressure (pdf)
  109. Vassilopoulou I, Gantes CJ, Gkimousis I. Response of Cable Nets under Wind Loads (pdf)
  110. Vathi M, Karamanos SA. Finite Element Modelling of UOE Pipe Manufacturing Process (pdf)
  111. Vlachos S, Thanopoulos P, Spyropoulos I, Farros D. Composite Bridges in Albania (pdf)
  112. Vrakas AA, Papachristidis AG, Papadrakakis M. Detailed Finite Element Analysis of Steel Moment Frames (pdf)
  113. Vrontissi M, Azariadi S. Digital Tools in the Architectural Design of Geodesic Domes (pdf)
  114. Vrontissi M. Digital Database of Building Structural Systems in Steel (pdf)
  115. Vrontissi M. The Bearing Structure of the "Artificial Sky" Facility of the University of Thessaly (pdf)
  116. Vrontissi M. Design-Build Workshop on Tensegrity Structures (pdf)
  117. Xanthakis G. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The Case of a Steel Structure In Greece (pdf)
  118. Zacharakis D. Design of Composite Pedestrian Bridges (pdf)
  119. Zoulas F, Efstratiadis S, Efstratiadis D. The Steel Structural System for the Aegean S.A. Aircraft Maintenance Hangar at the Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos" (pdf)
  120. Zoulas F, Kartsakis C, Zografos A. The Steel Structural System for the New 2nd Floor of the Existing Office Building of "NOTOS.COM S.A." at Nea Kifisia (pdf)
  121. Zygomalas I, Cocen ON, Efthymiou E, Baniotopoulos CC. Life Cycle Assessment Study of a Prefabricated Steel Residential Building (pdf)



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