8th Hellenic National Conference of Steel Structures:

The conference was held at Tripoli, from the 2md to the 4th of October 2014.

Invited speakers

  1. Rangelov N, Ivanov S, Raykov S. Recent Research Activities at the Department Of Steel Structures, Uaceg, Sofia (pdf)
  2. Terrell Presentation Of Complex Steel Structures (pdf)
  3. Topkaya C, Kusyilmaz A. Seismic Performance Factors for Steel Eccentrically Braced Frames (pdf)
  4. Zhu Y, Poon D, Velivasakis E, Zuo S, Fu P. Structural Design Challenges of Shanghai Tower (pdf)


  1. Avdelas A, Vazouras K, Dodoura Ch. Steel Structure Amphitheatre Design in Holy School of Halki (pdf)
  2. Karydakis Ph, Tsokanis K. Exhibition Center at Spata With Steel Arches and Prestressed Membranes (pdf)
  3. ?Kostikas Ch, Koumouras D. Design of Double Shell Structure for the Onassis House of Letters and Fine Arts Building (pdf)
  4. Adamakos K, Vayas I. Static and Seismic Behavior of Steel Storage Pallet Racks (pdf)
  5. Ampatzis A, Psomiadis V, Efthymiou E. Plastic Collapse of 3D Aluminium Frames via Limit and Shakedown Analysis (pdf)
  6. Anastasiadis A, Voghiatzis T, Sachpazis C. Trends and Needs for the prediction of the Inelastic Capacity of Steel Members Considering the Differences in Seismic Loading Conditions (pdf)
  7. Angelides M. Design and Construction of Large Diameter Steel Chimneys (pdf)
  8. Angelides M. Lattice Tower as an Alternative to Cantilever Windshield for Steel Chimneys (pdf)
  9. Angelides M.Response To Blast Loading Of Power Plant Steel Structures (pdf)
  10. Avgerinou S, Adamakos K, Vayas I. Structural Design of Sculpture Formed with Thin Plate Hollow Sections and Stainless Steel (pdf)
  11. Avraam T, Fasoulakis Z, Ioannides G. The Influence of Axial Tension to the Critical Moment of Lateral Buckling (pdf)
  12. Bakalis K, Vamvatsikos D, Fragiadakis M.Surrogate Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis of Steel Liquid Storage Tanks (pdf)
  13. Balopoulos V, Frantzeskakis E, Pachoumis D, Kalfas Ch. Analytical and Numerical Investigation of the Design of RBS Connections (pdf)
  14. Basta M, Batzia P, Lignos X, Katsatsidis S, Badogiannis E, Ioannidis G. Evaluation of Behavior of Steel in Corrosive Environments (pdf)
  15. Bilionis D, Vamvatsikos D. Assessing the Behaviour of an Offshore Wind Turbine under Uncertain Wind and Wave Dynamic Loading (pdf)
  16. Dervenagas A, Pachoumis D, Sofias Ch, Kalfas Ch. Comparison of Strength Between Cold Formed and Hot Rolled Purlins for Diferrent Span Magnitudes (pdf)
  17. Dervenagas A, Pachoumis D, Sofias Ch, Kosmidou P-M, Kalfas Ch. Comparison of Strength Between Built-up Columns with Thin Gauge Sections and Single Built-up Columns with Hot Rolled Sections (pdf)
  18. Dimakogianni D, Dougka G, Vayas I. Seismic Behaviour of Frames with Innovative Energy Dissipation Systems - Fuseis 1 (pdf)
  19. Dimopoulos A, Tzimas A, Vamvatsikost D, Karavasilis Th. Comparison of Seismic Losses in Steel Builidngs using Conventional or Self-Centering Moment Resisting Frames (pdf)
  20. Efstratiadis D. New Wing for Surgeries at Evaggelismos Hospital, Athens (pdf)
  21. Efstratiadis S, Zoulas F, ?ngelakis K, Efstratiadis D. Steel Structures of the New Archaeological Museum of Chania (pdf)
  22. Efthymiou Y, Palamas Y.Dynamic Behaviour of Steel-Composite Bridges under the Influence of High-Speed Trains (pdf)
  23. Elkady A, Lignos D. Cyclic out-of-Plane Instability of Deep Wide-Flange Steel Beam-Columns (pdf)
  24. Elkady A, Lignos D. Effect of the Gravity Framing System on the Overstrength and Collapse Risk of Steel Special Moment Frames Designed in North America (pdf)
  25. Gamanis G, Peistikos X. Screw Pile (pdf)
  26. Gamanis G. Photovoltaic Power Station (pdf)
  27. Giotsas D, Pnevmatikos N, Hatzigeorgiou G. Investigation of Non-Linear Torsional Behaviour of Irregular Steel Buildings (pdf)
  28. Ibrahim O, Nikolaidou V, Lignos D, Rogers C. Evaluation of Common Welding Procedures for Thick Steel Plates and High Strength Steel Sections (pdf)
  29. Kaimenaki V, Vassilopoulou I, Gantes Ch, Bouckovalas G. Assessment of Sensitivity of an Arched Steel Bridge to Imposed Horizontal Soil Displacements (pdf)
  30. Kalochairetis K, Gantes Ch.Analytical Method for the Evaluation of the Behaviour of Single-Storey Frames Consisting of Built-Up Members (pdf)
  31. Kampitsis A, Sapountzakis E.An Advanced Computational Tool for Inelastic Analysis of Steel Structures (pdf)
  32. Karlos V, Solomos G. Influence of Strain Rate Effects on the Analysis of Steel Sections under Blast Loads (pdf)
  33. Karydakis F, Anagnostaki Ch, Zaharakis D. Structural Strengthening, Traffic and Hydraulic Improvements of the Old Stone Arch Bridge at Potamos, Corfu (pdf)
  34. Karydakis Ph, Tsokanis K, Zacharakis D. Hellenic-American Educationional Institute, College of Athens - College of Psychiko. Addition in Expansion of New Kindergarden With Storey And Two Subbasements (pdf)
  35. Karydakis Ph, Tsokanis K. The Four Storey Book Storing Building of the Benakeios Library. The Use of Columns of the Book Storing Structure as a Composite Structural Element to Enhance the Moment Bearing Capacity of the Stone Columns of the Building (pdf)
  36. Karydakis Ph, Gikas V, Panagakis A, Tsokanis K, Zaharakis D. Cable Stayed Bridge at SEA Pallini Check and Evaluation (pdf)
  37. Kazantzi A, Vamvatsikos D, Porter K. Analytical Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Lowrise Steel MRFs (pdf)
  38. Kazantzis P, Remy B. Execution Studies of ywo Box Girder Steel Bridges (pdf)
  39. Koltsakis E, Thomopoulos K. A Levinson-type Beam Approach for Double-T Cross Section Beams in Bending (pdf)
  40. Kondylidis K, Sofias Ch, Pachoumis D, Kalfas Ch. Influence of Section's Size on the Behaviour of Reduced Beam Section Bolted Moment Connections - Fem Simulation (pdf)
  41. Kordatos I, Sarakinos G. Harmonised Standard EN-1090-1. Application and Requirements for Metallic Construction (pdf)
  42. Kosmidoua P-M, Pachoumis D, Sofias Ch, Kalfas Ch. Study on the Behavior on Connection of Hollow Sections with Blind Bolts (pdf)
  43. Koukouselis A, Mistakidis E, Buckling Behavior of Composite Ferrocement Plates (pdf)
  44. Koulatsou K, Thanasoulas I, Margariti G, Gantes Ch. Artificial Wind Load Time Histories Generation on Wind Turbines Towers (pdf)
  45. Lavassas I, Nikolaidis G, Zervas P, Baniotopoulos Ch. Comparative Study of Stiffening Configurations at the Door Opening of a 2MW Wind Turbine Tower (pdf)
  46. Livanou M, Gantes Ch. Interaction of Inelastic Global and Local Buckling in Steel Bars Under Compression (pdf)
  47. Manola M, Koumousis V. Convex Hull Formulation for Limit Structural Analysis (pdf)
  48. Maraveas C, Fasoulakis Z. Post-Fire Mechanical Properties of Structural Steel (pdf)
  49. Maraveas C, Tasiouli K, Fasoulakis Z. Composite & Cantilever Cast Bridge Compared Techno-Economically (pdf)
  50. Margariti G, Mpentas A, Gantes Ch, Fourniotis N, Dimas A. Parametric Study of Wind Effect on Wave Hydrodynamic Loading Acting on Monopile Offshore Wind Turbines (pdf)
  51. Margariti G, Mpentas A, Gantes Ch. Comparative Evaluation of Structural Design Parameters of Monopile Offshore Wind Turbines (pdf)
  52. Mavridis L, Ioannou O, Nikolaou K, Bisbos C. 3D Shakedown Analysis of Offshore Jacket Platforms (pdf)
  53. Melissianos V, Gantes Ch, Kalfantis P.Upheaval Buckling Risk Assessment of Buried Steel Pipelines due to Reverse Seismic Fault Activation (pdf)
  54. Milana G, Olmati P, Gkoumas K, Bontempi F. Structural Behavior and Robustness Assessment of Tall Buildings: the Case of Diagrid Systems (pdf)
  55. Mistakidis E, Karagkounakis V, Kontakiotis J, Vaklavas F, Stivaktakis E. Construction of the Steel Dome of The Multipurpose Al-Sadd Sports Hall in Doha, Qatar (pdf)
  56. Mistakidis E, Thodorou A, Mehmet A Y. Construction Method Statement for the Steel Roof of the Baku Olympic Stadium in Azerbaijan (pdf)
  57. Mitropoulou Ch, Kostopanagiotis Ch, Kasotakis G, Lagaros N. Incident Angle Based Design of Steel Structures (pdf)
  58. Nikolaidis Th, Germanos G, Efthymiou E, Baniotopoulos Ch. Analysis and Design of a Long-Span Aluminum Pedestrian Bridge According to the Eurocode Standards (pdf)
  59. Nikolaidis Th, Kontis A, Baniotopoulos Ch. On the Sustainable Restoration Design of a Historical Steel Railway Bridge (pdf)
  60. Nikolaidis Th, Michalopoulos A, Bamiotopoulos Ch. Optimization of the Structural Response of Large Span Structures by The MNB Optimal Control System (pdf)
  61. Nikolaidis Th, Tsalikis C, Baniotopoulos Ch. Behavior of Steel-Framed Building Elements in fire Under Integrated Protection Criteria (pdf)
  62. Nikolaou K, Bisbos C. Limit and Shakedown Analysis of Metal Sheets with Yielding Assymetry (pdf)
  63. Nikolaou K, Politis D. Circular Hollow Section Joints - A Comparative Study between Eurocode 3 And Cidect Provisions (pdf)
  64. Pantoulis R, Nikolaou K, Georgiadis K, Bisbos C. Limit and Shakedown Analysis of Planar Steel Frames with Soil-Structure Interaction (pdf)
  65. Pantousa D, Mistakidis E. Fire Resistance of a Steel Structure under Different Fire-After-Earthquake Scenarios Considering Both Structural and Non-Structural Damage (pdf)
  66. Papageorgiou A, Fragiadakis M, Vamvatsikos D. Life Cycle Cost Estimation for Steel Structures (pdf)
  67. Papageorgopoulos G, Peistikos X. Composite Structures - Tips and Tricks (pdf)
  68. Papavasileiou G, Charmpis D.Enhancing the Progressive Collapse Resistance of Seismically Designed Steel-Concrete Composite Buildings (pdf)
  69. Papavasileiou V, Raftoyiannis I. Evaluation of Capacity and Strengthening - Maintenance Measures of a Bailey-Type Road Bridge (pdf)
  70. Peistikos X, Papageorgopoulos G. Computer Program for the Analysis and Drawing of Steel Connections (pdf)
  71. Potiropoulos D, Liana-Potiropoulou N.Architectural Design of the Kindergarten of the German School in Athens (pdf)
  72. Raftoyiannis I. Numerical Simulation of Tension and Compression Single Bolted Members with Cold-Formed L-Sections (pdf)
  73. Saouridis Ch, Kazantzis P, Remy B, Efthimiou I. Bridge Buildings: The Abu-Dhabi Stock Exchange and the Paris Univerity M6A1 Buildings (pdf)
  74. Saouridis Ch, Remy B. FOOTBRIDGES: Vibrato, ma non troppo (pdf)
  75. Sapountzakis E, Dikaros I.An Advanced Beam Element for the Analysis of Steel Structures (pdf)
  76. Sarantopoulos V. Composite Craft Building for Olive Oil Storage and Packaging (pdf)
  77. Savvaki E, Lignos X, Katsatsidis S, Vayas I. Connection Behavior ?f Anchor Beams Composite Columns Hollow Steel Section (pdf)
  78. Skalomenos K, Hatzigeorgiou G, Beskos D. Seismic Yield Displacements of Composite Steel/Concrete Plane Frames (pdf)
  79. Sofianos C,Koumousis V. A Degrading Hysteretic Beam Element for Steel Structures (pdf)
  80. Sofias Ch, Pachoumis D, Kalfas Ch, Kondylidis K. Assessment of RBS Monent Connections with Extended Endplate using Finite Element Analysis Method (pdf)
  81. Sophianopoulos D, Deri A. Recent Advances in Optimum Design of Steel Latticed Domes (pdf)
  82. Sophianopoulos D, Papachristou K, Papatheocharis Th, Tsopelas P, Perdikaris Th. Theoretical - Experimental Investigation and Optimization of the Seismic Strengthening of Existing RC Buildings with Pilotis via Steel Concentric X-Braces: I. Parametric Study (pdf)
  83. Sophianopoulos D, Papachristou K, Papatheocharis Th, Tsopelas P, Perdikaris Th.Theoretical - Experimental Investigation and Optimization of the Seismic Strengthening of Existing RC Buildings with Pilotis via Steel Concentric X-Braces: II. Experiments (pdf)
  84. Spiliopoulos A, Dasiou M-E, Dougka G, Dimakogianni D, Vayas I.Structural Rahabilitation of the Power Plant Meliti, Greece after Fire (pdf)
  85. Spiliopoulos A, Dasiou M-E. Alternative Design of Telecommunication Mast with Artistic Interventions in the Urban Landscape (pdf)
  86. Spiliopoulos A, Dasiou M-E. Design and Construction of Internal Staircase of a Yacht Made of Stainless Steel (pdf)
  87. Stamos Th, Vougioukas M. Optimisation of Joint Topology and Bars in Trusses (pdf)
  88. Stathopoulos K, Thanopoulos P, Vlachos S, Spyropoulos I, Kotsanopoulos P, Stathopoulos S. Design of the Tsakona Arched Bridge (pdf)
  89. Stathopoulos K, Thanopoulos P, Spyropoulos I, Stathopoulos E, Farros D, Stathopoulos S. The Memaliaj Bridge (pdf)
  90. Stavridou N, Efthymiou E, Gerasimidis S, Baniotopoulos Ch. Internal Stiffening for Stability Enhancement of Steel Wind Turbine Towers: Numerical Approach and Comparative Study (pdf)
  91. Thanasoulas I, Koulatsou K, Gantes Ch. Nonlinear Numerical Simulation of the Response of Bolted Ring Flanges in Wind Turbine Towers (pdf)
  92. Theodorou A, Kapatsina A, Gkougkoulia M, Dagklis D. Implementing Bim & Paperless Design: Baku Olympic Stadium (pdf)
  93. Tsalkatidis Th, Baltzopoulou A. Computational Simulation of Composite Steel-Concrete Shear Walls with Vertical Steel Encased Profiles. Comparative Evaluation with Experimental Results (pdf)
  94. Tsavdaridis K, Faghih F, Nikitas N. Seismic Evaluation of Reduced Web Section (RWS) Moment Connections (pdf)
  95. Tsavdaridis K-D, Kingman J, Toropov V. Structural Topology Optimisation in Steel Structural Applications (pdf)
  96. Tsiptsis I.Tall Buildings: Outrigger-Belt Truss System vs. Framed Tube System (pdf)
  97. Tzimas A, Dimopoulos A, Karavasilis Th. Seismic Design and Assessment of Self-Centering Steel Frames with Viscous Dampers (pdf)
  98. Tzourmakliotou D,Myleros G, Chaidas A. Reuse: Convertion of a Super Market Building to an Industrial Building (pdf)
  99. Tzvetan G. Improvement of X-CBF Hysteresis Behavior by Introduction of MCS (pdf)
  100. Vamvatsikos D. Direct Performance - Based Seismic Design of a Steel Moment - Resisting Frame using Yield Frequency Spectra (pdf)
  101. Vasdravellis G, Karavasilis Th, Uy B. Cyclic Tests and Fracture Behaviour of Seismic Steel Dampers Made of High Performance Steel (pdf)
  102. Vasdravellis G, Uy B,Loon Tan E, Kirkland B. Behaviour and Design of Composite Beams under Generalised Actions (pdf)
  103. Vassilaki D, Stamos Th, Vougioukas M. High Resolution Satellite SAR Images: the Case of High Voltage Metallic Pillars (pdf)
  104. Vayas I, Dougka G, Dimakogianni D. Conversion and Extension of the Kindergarten of the German School in Athens (pdf)
  105. Vernardos S, Gantes Ch. Preliminary Feasibility Investigation of Sandwich Type Shells for Wind Turbine Towers (pdf)
  106. Voghiatzis T, Avdelas A, Tsalkatidis Th. Steel Frames with Reinforced Concrete Infill Walls. Finite Element Analysis using a Computational Model and Comparative Study with Experimental Results (pdf)
  107. Xanthakis G. Life Cycle Assessment in Construction Industry. Decreasing the Carbon Footprint of the Residenses (pdf)
  108. Zografopoulou K, Mistakidis E. Fire Design of Structures with the Aid of Computational Fluid Dynamics (pdf)
  109. Zoulas F, Zografos A. Proposal for the Conversion of the TAE KWON DO Arena Into a Conference Centre - The Steel Structures of The Main Hall (pdf)



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