6th Hellenic National Conference of Steel Structures:

The conference was held at Ioannina, from the 2nd to the 4th of October 2008.

  1. Adamakos T, Palamas I, Tsoronis P. Analysis of Composite Bridges According to Eurocodes (Calculation Tools - Comparison With National Standards) (pdf)
  2. Al-Azzawi ΑΑ, Aziz RJ, Al-Ani AA. Finite Element Elastic Analysis of Hypar Shells on Winkler Foundation (pdf)
  3. Angelides M. Design of Large Diameter Thin Shell Ducts (pdf)
  4. Angelides M, Papanikas G. Extension in Height through Seismic Damping (pdf)
  5. Angelides M, Papanikas G, Skokou A. New Desulphurisation Ducts at the Megalopolis III S.E.S. (pdf)
  6. Beg D. Plate and Box Girder Stiffener Design in View of Eurocode 3 Part 1.5 (pdf)
  7. Bisbos CD, Skordeli MAA. Plastic Robustness of Spatial Steel Frames against System Imperfections (pdf)
  8. Bontempi F, Petrini F, Gkoumas K, Manenti S. Basis of Structural Design and Numerical Modeling of Offshore Wind Turbines (pdf)
  9. Chatzis EN, Triantafyllou SP, Koumousis VK. A Thin Walled Beam Element Formulation for the Non Uniform Torsion and Distortion of Closed Sections (pdf)
  10. Dasiou ME, Mouzakis H, Psycharis IN, Vayas I. Study on the Influence of Metal Clamps on the Dynamic Behaviour of Ancient Greek Temples (pdf)
  11. Dasiou ME, Vayas I, Dakanali I, Papageorgiou M. Seismic Behaviour of Masts on Top of Buildings and Buildings with Masts on their Roofs (pdf)
  12. Dasiou ME, Vayas I, Karachaliou K. Comparative Study of Wind Loading On Telecommunication Towers (pdf)
  13. Daskalakis S, Gikas V. Deformation Monitoring and Dynamic Behavior Analysis of Metallic Structures using Geodetic Methodology (pdf)
  14. Delicha A. Roof Design of the Swimming Athletic Center N. Politeias of Municipality of Larissa (pdf)
  15. Douthe CE, Gantes CJ. In-Plane Stability of Uniformly Prestressed Circular Arches (pdf)
  16. Efthymiou E, Baniotopoulos CC. Investigation of the Steel Telecommunication Masts Response under Wind and Seismic Loading (pdf)
  17. Efthymiou E, Baniotopoulos CC. Structural Aluminium and Sustainability (pdf)
  18. Folic R, Radonjanin V, Malešev M. Design and Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Structure (pdf)
  19. Gkologiannis CP, Athanasiadis A, Gantes CJ. Presentation of the Structural System of the Steel Roof in the New Football Stadium of Panathinaikos in Votanikos (pdf)
  20. Gkoumas K, Crosti C, Bontempi F. Risk Analysis Based Structural Design for Fire Safety (pdf)
  21. Grammatikakis EG, Koutsoukos IV, ΙΒ, Lignos XA. Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Steel End­Plate Beam to Column Joints (pdf)
  22. Hatzigeorgiou GD. On the Strength of Circular Concrete-Filled Tube Columns (pdf)
  23. Hatzinikolis I, Avloniti A, Papageorgiou M. Seismic Assessment of the National Telecommunications Network (pdf)
  24. Iliopoulos A. Stability and Load Bearing Capacity of Continuous Steel Systems. An Alternative Design Method (pdf)
  25. Imam BM, Righiniotis TD. Fatigue Evaluation of Riveted Bridge Connections using the Theory of Critical Distances (pdf)
  26. Kamaris GS, Hatzigeorgiou GD, Beskos DE. Damage Controlled Design of Steel Frames using Static Inelastic Analysis (pdf)
  27. Karamanos AS. Steel Structures and Architecture a Reciprocal Relation (pdf)
  28. Karamanos SA, Dama E, Giakoumatos E, Gresnigt AM. Failure of Locally Buckled Pipelines (pdf)
  29. Karatzas E, Karatza V. Static and Dynamic Behaviour of Steel Members (pdf)
  30. Karavasilis TL, Bazeos N, Beskos DE. Comparison of Three Seismic Design Methods for Steel Mr Frames (pdf)
  31. Karlos V, Spiliopoulos A, Vayas I. Prediction of Failure of Steel Welded Beam-To-Column Joints under Cyclic Loading (pdf)
  32. Karydakis F, Anagnostaki C, Tsokanis K. Steel Structure for the Open Air Museum of the "Roman Villa of Herodes Atticus" (pdf)
  33. Karydakis P, Ioannides G, Vayas I. An Innovative Structural System for Resisting and Dissipating Lateral Loads in Steel Buildings (pdf)
  34. Karydakis P, Tsokanis K, Anagnostaki C. The New Sports Arena of Karditsa (pdf)
  35. Karydakis P, Tsokanis K, Anagnostaki C. The Support Structures for the Asian Games' Ceremonies in Doha (pdf)
  36. Kazantzi AK, Righiniotis TD. Seismic Reliability of a Steel MRF Designed to EC8 (pdf)
  37. Kaziolas DN, Baniotopoulos CC. Design of Structural Aluminum Members in Compression in the Framework of Eurocode 9 (pdf)
  38. Kontaxakis DG, Papadimitriou SI. The In-formalization of the Formal and the Formalization of the In-formal (pdf)
  39. Kyriazis MS, Bachounzouzi GD, Makriyannis MD. The Structure of the Open Theater at Hellenic World Foundation Complex (pdf)
  40. Kyriazis MS, Makriyannis MD, Bachounzouzi GD. Steel Structures at The Research Centre of Hellenic World Foundation (pdf)
  41. Lazaridou EK, Ermopoulos JC. Tapered Beam-Columns under Compression Part 1: Slope-Deflection Method (pdf)
  42. Lazaridou EK, Ermopoulos JC. Tapered Beam-Columns under Compression Part 2: Fundamental Bending Moments (pdf)
  43. Lazaridou EK, Ermopoulos JC. Tapered Beam-Columns under Compression Part 3: Critical Loads And Equivalent Buckling Lengths (pdf)
  44. Lemonis ME, Gantes CJ. Simulation of the Response of Beam-to-Column Joints using Mechanical Models (pdf)
  45. Lignos DG, Krawinkler H, Whittaker AS. Analytical and Experimental Prediction of Sideway Collapse of Steel Frames (pdf)
  46. Liolios Α, Avdelas Α, Liolios ΑA Computational Method Based on a Stiffness Approach for Metal Structures Containing Cable-Elements (pdf)
  47. Loukatos N, Tzanetos N, Xypolitidis E. Railway Arch Steel Bridge with Composite Access Bridges (pdf)
  48. Majowiecki Μ. Design Assisted By Wind Tunnel Testing: Examples (pdf)
  49. Marinopoulou AA, Κalfas CN, Balopoulos VD, Galoussis EG. Simulation of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes with Purely Steel Fictitious Tubes (pdf)
  50. Marinopoulou AA, Κalfas CN, Galoussis EG, Pachoumis DT. Experimental Testing of Composite Steel - Concrete Column Sections and their Fictitious Purely Steel Counterparts (pdf)
  51. Matzaris I, Pnevmatikos N. Parametric Cost Analysis of Composite, Precast, Prestressed Beam "Arculys" used for The Construction of Industrial Building (pdf)
  52. Michalopoulos A, Nikolaidis T, Stavroulakis G, Baniotopoulos C. Displacement Control of Large Span Metal Beams by Means of Cables (pdf)
  53. Migiakis C. Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (pdf)
  54. Migiakis C. Sheikh Zayed Bridge for Abu Dhabi Island (pdf)
  55. Nafpaktitis G, Maragkos H. Steel Column Base Connection Subjected to Biaxial Bending without Adopting the Normality Assumption (pdf)
  56. Nanos N, Elenas A. Evaluation of Infill Walls Contribution on Steel Structures’ Damage Indices under Seismic Excitation (pdf)
  57. Nikolaou KI, Papadrakakis M, Lagaros ND. Elastic and Non-Linear Analysis using the Triangular Finite Shell Element TRIC: Applications to Shells (pdf)
  58. Pachoumis DT, Zebilis CK, Dimitriadis SC, Κalfas CN, Galoussis EG. A F.E.M. Analysis of RBS Connections with Drilled Flanges (pdf)
  59. Pachoumis DT, Κalfas CN, Galoussis EG, Μarinopoulou AA, Εfthimiou IZ. Experimental Analysis of Reduced Beam Section Moment Connections Subjected to Cyclic Loading (pdf)
  60. Papachristidis AG, Maroulis G, Kapetanou O. Moment-Resisting Connection Modeling using Finite Element Method. From Local to Global Approach (pdf)
  61. Papadopoulou-Mathiopoulou AK, Tsiafis I, Papaioannou K. Fireproofing Assessment for Steel Structures (pdf)
  62. Papageorgiou A, Gantes C. Proposed Modal Damping Ratios for Mixed Concrete/Steel Structures (pdf)
  63. Papanikolas P, Konstantopoulos SG, Rentzeperis I, Polyzos C. Construction of a Continuous Three Span Composite Bridge of Egnatia Odos (pdf)
  64. Partov D, Dinev D. Development of The Steel Spatial Structures In Bulgaria (pdf)
  65. Perdikaris PC, Papachristou KS, Houliara S, Zervaki AD, Karamamos SA, Haidemenopoulos GN. Fatigue Behavior of High-Strength Steel Welded Plate Connections (pdf)
  66. Plank R. Sustainable Steel Framed Construction (pdf)
  67. Preftitsi FG, Thomopoulos KA. Creep in aluminium structures (pdf)
  68. Psimoulis P, Stiros S. Geodetic Monitoring of Oscillations of Steel Pedestrian Bridge (pdf)
  69. Raftoyiannis IG. Dynamic Behavior of Steel Frames with Energy Dissipation Systems Made from FRP Composite Materials (pdf)
  70. Raftoyiannis IG, Anogiati AC. Parametric Resonance of Steel Bridges Pylons due to Periodic Traffic Loads (pdf)
  71. Raftoyiannis IG, Avraam TP. Upper Cord Elastic Critical Loads of Steel Truss Bridges (pdf)
  72. Raftoyiannis IG, Michaltsos GT, Analytical Treatment of Local Stress Distributions in Steel Plates Due to Transverse Loads (pdf)
  73. Raftoyiannis IG, Spyrakos CC. Seismic Behavior of Suspended Roofs Under Near-Source Seismic Motions (pdf)
  74. Rodopoulos CA, Apostolopoulos CA. Examining the Effect of Ultrasonic Impact Treatment on The Fatigue Strength of Steel Welded Joints Subjected to Cyclic Loading and Corrosion (pdf)
  75. Sakkas KMG, Nomikos PP, Delendas SN, Sofianos AI. Testing of Lattice Girder Arches for Tunnel Support (pdf)
  76. Saouridis c. Design Studies of High Speed Train Bridges: The RHIN-RHONE Project in France (pdf)
  77. Sapountzakis EJ, Tsipiras VJ. Validity of Thin Tube Theory to Baρs under Nonlinear Inelastic Uniform Torsion (pdf)
  78. Savvidou I, Tsinikas N, Chatzikonstantinou G. Construction Of Curved Metallic Shell with Single Curvature Elements (pdf)
  79. Skordeli MAA, Bisbos CD. Limit Analysis of 3D Steel Frames Under Fire (pdf)
  80. Sofias CE, Mokali ED, Zacharopoulos DA.Theoretical Approach of Steel Beam Strength with a Generated Flaw (Crack) By Using The Finite Element Method (FEM) (pdf)
  81. Sophianopoulos D, Sbarounis A, Papachristou KS.Steel Beam-Columns on Elastic Foundation: Coupled Instability Modes (pdf)
  82. Sophianopoulos DS, Stavropoulou E, Delihatsiou A. Reuse of a Historical Steel Hangar in the New Hellenic Aviation Museum (pdf)
  83. Spiliopoulos A. The Main Building’s Composite Structure of Grand Sarai Hotel Complex at Ioannina (pdf)
  84. Spiliopoulos A, Karlos V, Vayas I. Inelastic Deformation Requirements for Steel Buildings Subjected to Seismic Loading (pdf)
  85. Spiliopoulos A, Karlos V. Telecommunication Towers Fabricated of Aluminium (pdf)
  86. Stamatopoulos GN, Ermopoulos JC. Analysis of Guyed Steel Lattice Masts for Communications (pdf)
  87. Stasa Κ, Lako Ν. Developments of Steel Structures in Albania (pdf)
  88. Tatsis K, Papadopoulos N, Vayas I. ΑΑnalysis and Design of Steel Racking Structures According to European Regulations (pdf)
  89. Triantafyllou SP, Koumousis VK, A Rod Element Formulation for the Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Trusses (pdf)
  90. Tsalkatidis T, Avdelas A. Experimental and Computational Research of Concrete-Steel Collaboration in one Span Composite Slabs (pdf)
  91. Tsiompanos EG, Μarinopoulou AA, Pachoumis DT, Galoussis EG, Κalfas CN. Simulation of RC Column with Pure Steel Column of Fictitious Cross-Section for Checking Local Buckling of R.C Section (pdf)
  92. Tzaros KA, Mistakidis ES. Nonlinear Investigation of the Buckling Behaviour of Cold Formed Steel Platforms (pdf)
  93. Tzourmakliotou D, Galousis AA, Bourikas P. The Contribution of Design for Deconstruction on Reuse (pdf)
  94. Tzourmakliotou D, Galousis AA, Glias A. Design for Deconstruction in Steel Structures (pdf)
  95. Tzourmakliotou D, Galousis AA, Kokkos A. The Integrated Life Cycle Design in Steel Structures (pdf)
  96. Vassilopoulou I, Gantes CJ. Sensitivity of Cable Nets to Wind-Induced Fatigue (pdf)
  97. Vassilopoulou I, Seferoglou K, Vayas I. Composite Railway Underpass Bridge in the Tripoli – Megalopoli Highway (pdf)
  98. Vavili F, Chatzikonstantinou G. The Role of Contemporary Metallic Structures in Determining Architectural Transparency (pdf)
  99. Vayas I. Analysis and Verification Methods for Steel Framed Structures (pdf)
  100. Vayas I, Dasiou ME, Toulias A. Behaviour of Telecommunication-Lattice Towers during Fire Conditions (pdf)
  101. Vayas I, Iliopoulos A, Adamakos T. Modeling of Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges using a Grillage of Beam-Like Structural Elements (pdf)
  102. Vayas I, Palkopoulou O. Innovative Seismic Resistant System for Steel Buildings (pdf)
  103. Vayas I, Palkopoulou O, Lignos X, Tsoronis P, Bakalbasis D, Moulkioti K. Mechanical Behaviour of the ISOBAU Steel Sheeting in Composite Slab (pdf)
  104. Vayas I, Sarantopoulos V. Cost and Performance Based Evaluation of Bracing Systems for Composite Buildings (pdf)
  105. Wald F. Fire Engineering of Steel Structures (pdf)
  106. Yemez K, Altay G. Tests and Modeling of T-Stub Bolted I-Beam to SHS-Column Frame Connections (pdf)
  107. Εfthimiou IZ, Pachoumis DT, Κalfas CN, Galoussis EG, Μarinopoulou AA. Behavior of Composite Steel-Concrete Beam to Steel Column Joint (pdf)



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